Adnyx's highly experienced publisher team has designed a formula to achieve success for publishers of all sizes, from large corporate websites to small individually owned blogs. We provide a vast advertising reach with relationships with Agencies, Direct Advertisers, DSPs, and Ad Exchanges. We understand the importance of how relevant advertising campaigns, a dedicated account manager, exceptional customer service, and most importantly, year round revenue plays a critical role in building and maintaining strong publisher relationships.

High ROI

At Adnyx Media, our goal at the end of the day is to maximize your revenue. We specialize in different verticals and our publisher development team works hard to fill your available inventory with high quality ads to bring the best possible ROI.

Relevant Ads

We work with top advertisers in different industries who want to target publishers for both consumers and business professionals. We know that highly targeted ads increase your yield so we strive to deliver you the most relevant ads on your website.

Effective Ad Units

With various ad formats, adnyx media is providing our clients with more engaging and impactful display ads that go beyond the standard units.A wide selection of ad formats Inetrstital,Sliders,Background,Expand,Floating including Pop-up ads just for the one that looks great on your website.We also offer an exciting new in-stream,out-stream video ad opportunity as well as mobile ads to generate additional revenue.

High quality ads

We will never let your visitors bothered by irrelevant ads again. Also, will make sure no adult content are passed on to your website.

Fill Rates

We monetize your every impression with 100% fill rates and competitive CPMs with customized to your needs solution

On-Time Payments

Receive your payments with our NET30 hold policy easy and always on time via great range of withdrawal options like paypal,payoneer,wire transfer etc., We offer CPM,CPC,Revenue Share Payout Models based on Quality of the Publisher.


We provide Manual Reports and automated reports on daily basis.